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Laser Triangulation 3D Scanners

A laser triangulation 3D scanner uses a laser to project a line and a camera to capture the line as it projects onto the surface of an object.  As the object's shape and contours bends the laser line the camera detects the change and generates 3D data.  Usually the laser and camera remain fixed while the object travels past the laser line and camera field of view.

  • Altiz High-fidelity 3D profile sensors Fixation points

    Altiz High-fidelity 3D profile sensors

    Matrox® AltiZ1 is a series of high-fidelity 3D profile sensors. Each sensor features a dual-camera single-laser design that greatly lessens the scanning gaps often encountered at critical surface junctures because of optical occlusions. Unique...
  • VC nano 3D smart camera VC nano 3D smart camera

    VC nano 3D smart camera

    The new VC nano 3D unites intelligent design and embedded computing in compact housing. It includes an intelligent camera and a line laser which enables the real-time recording of images at a scan rate of up to 400 Hz according to the triangulation...