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3D Products

3D cameras, scanners, projectors, lasers, lenses, light sources, software and systems


  • ExModel Software ExModel Workflow

    Shining 3D ExModel 3D Scan to CAD Software

    EXModel is a powerful bridge that simplifies CAD modeling from 3D scanning to manufacturing. It provides a comprehensiveset of tools that enable you to create professional-grade CAD digital models that are compatible with your CAD software...
  • Zebra 3S80 3D Sensor Zebra 3S80 3D Sensor field of view

    Zebra 3S80 3D Sensors

    Unsurpassed 3D resolution and accuracy when capturing dynamic scenes DATA SHEET Global commerce continues to move at an accelerating pace. To compete, players need to deliver products more quickly, without compromising yields, quality or efficiency...
  • Zebra 3S40 3D Sensor Zebra 3S40 3D Sensor field of view

    Zebra 3S40 3D Sensor

    High-resolution 3D imaging for static dimensioning, inspection and depalletization applications DATA SHEET Manufacturing and logistics operations need to move more products more quickly without compromising yields, quality or efficiency. Deploying 3D...
  • BRZ-100 front BRZ-100 side

    BROZAN LCD Resin 3D Printer BRZ-100

    BROZAN LCD Resin 3D Printer BRZ-100 Brand:  BROZAN Model:  BRZ-LCD-100 Print size:   81*128*150mm Layer thickness:   0.1/0.05/0.025mm Overall size:  300*299*514mm   1. High...
  • Brozan SLA Resin 3D printer BRZ-600 front Brozan SLA Resin 3D printer BRZ-600 front 2

    Brozan SLA Resin 3D printer BRZ-600

    Brozan is a domestic industrial 3D printer brand manufacturer, specializing in the production of high-power and high-speed SLA 3D printers. The BA600 has a molding size of 600*600*400mm, equipped with a self-developed 3D printing control system,...
  • Brozan 3D BRZ-400 printer front Brozan 3D BRZ-400 printer side

    Brozan Industrial SLA dental 3D printer BRZ-400

    Brozan industrial 3D printers can print photosensitive resins with various attributes, including hard materials, soft materials, elastic materials, colored materials, transparent materials, high temperature resistant materials, and high strength...
  • Quicksurface Software Quicksurface software workflow

    Quicksurface Software

    QUICKSURFACE is a complete reverse engineering solution that compliments to any 3D scanner which canexport STL mesh data or PTX point clouds. Working with a large meshes QUICKSURFACE provides all necessarytools to convert the meshes into editable CAD...
  • Freescan Trio Handheld Scanner Freescan Trio 1

    Shining 3D Freescan Trio

    EXPLORE FREESCAN TRIO THE FIRST MARKER-FREE LASER 3D SCANNER Brochure SHINING 3D’s metrology family is always innovating - We are very thrilled to present our FreeScan Trio as a new addition to our FreeScan Metrology scanners family. The FreeScan...
  • EinScan ProHD Special Shining 3D Einscan Pro HD handheld 3D scanner

    **SPECIAL**Einscan Pro HD handheld 3D scanner sale

    Buy the EinScan Pro HD handheld scanner today and receive the Industrial Pack and Color Pack for free!   The Industrial Pack Enables the EinScan Pro 2X V2 to perform static automatic scans on a tripod for improved accuracy.  The Color...