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Cables for interfacing equipment, power cords, input/output device

  • eviXscan Toolbox Kit eviXscan Toolbox Kit

    eviXscan Toolbox Kit

    eviXscan 3D Toolkit Box is a Photogrametry system The short range makes it easier to scan large objects or objects with complex shapes. The system consists of pre-calibrated reference 3D elements called artifact and coded markers. Artifacts can be...
  • Standard Set

    eviXscan 3D Standard Set

    The standard set consists of a 20 kg table, markers, toolkit box and tripod. The whole set is placed in a handy transport box. Available when purchasing a scanner.
  • Blue Filters Blue Filters

    eviXscan 3D Blue Light Filters

    The ability to 3D scan in challenging lighting conditions without special preparation (ambient indoor light, outdoor sunlight, or a brightly lit lab) does not present a problem. The combination of structured blue light and high filtration...
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    Black Body Radiation Source BB200 OEM

    The Workswell BB200 OEM is a highly accurate black-body radiation source for infrared thermography in OEM version with the possibility of customizing the company logo and article number. The BB200 OEM offers continuous temperature settings from...
  • Front Back

    Black Body Radiation Source BB200 SDK

    The Workswell BB200 SDK is a highly accurate black-body radiation source for infrared thermography. It offers continuous temperature settings from 30°C-200°C (86 °F to 392 °F), with a 0.1°C (0.18 °F) single step. Its surface, a...
  • The IRCamSafe Ex-ABX/C is ATEX certified IR monitoring with IRCamSafe EX-AXB/C in an explosion-hazard zone.

    IRCamSafe EX-AXC

    The Ex-proof enclosures of the IRCamSafeEX-Series enable customers to install infrared cameras in explosion hazard environments. The enclosures comply with the newest Ex-protection standards and they are certified for their use with a wide selection of...
  • GigE cables

    GigE cables

    Select: Connector type end A Cable type Connector type end B Cable length. To view all options, view DATA SHEET, or Contact us to speak with cable specialist.  
  • Analog (DVI connector), DVI-TO-8BNC/O

    Analog (DVI connector), DVI-TO-8BNC/O

    8' or 2.4 m cable, with a DVI connector on one end and both 8 BNCs and open ended wires on the other end. This cable is meant to connect to Matrox Solios eA/XA. The open-ended wires allow you to connect to the synchronization and control signals of the...
  • Solios accessories, SOLCLBACC01PAK, SOLEVAACC01PAK

    SOLCLBACC01PAK:  Accessory kit for SOL 6M CLB* and SOL 6M CLB E*. Includes one DB-9 based trigger module and one half-height bracket (for use without trigger module). Allows you to replace the DBHD-15 auxiliary I/O connector on Matrox Solios...